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Product Description: 
Engine oil ES4 10W-40 is an universal high performance fuel saving part-synthetic oil for use in gasolineand diesel engines of passenger car and light vans with or without turbocharger. This product is unsuitable or diesel engines equipped with a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF). ES4 10W-40 is formulated with a blend of synthetic and conventional base stocks, a proprietary seal conditioner, and a performance additive package fortified with our formula protection additive for extra protection against engine wear and improved fuel savings. The part-synthetic formulation provides enhanced protection against viscosity breakdown and the formation of sludge and varnish compared with conventional engine oils. These performance benefits help to maximize engine performance and extend engine life in high-mileage vehicles, while also providing excellent engine protection in newer vehicles which reduces friction and wear and helps extend engine life.
 Engine oil ES4 10W-40 is formulated to meet and exceed of more specifications, including OEMs manufacturer specifications or recommended oils:

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